hCG Success

Success stories are pouring in about hCG weight loss protocol. I am one of the success stories. I have lost 75 lbs with hCG and have kept it off for 5 years now. I tried exercise, starving, low this, and low that, with no success at all. I was just stuck! hCG resets the hypothalamus gland which regulates our hunger, sleep, body temperature,  thyroid, and metabolism, just to name a few. If any of these areas are out of balance, it could be extremely hard and time consuming to try to exercise the fat off.


hCG gives you a jump start and makes an exercise plan do-able after you lose a good amount quickly. If you’ve tried it all, like I did, be at peace, there is a way to success. Is it easy? Yeah right! Is anything? Killing our flesh is never easy, but we can do it.


If you are willing to give up a few things for 26 to 42 days of your entire life to achieve your weight loss goal, give hCG a fair chance. I lost 35 pounds in 6 weeks, but I didn’t cheat. It paid off. Its about determination and you being the boss over your flesh.


I weighed 200 lbs. in the 6th grade and reached over 300 at one point in my life. Today I hang out in the higher 130s, give, or take a pound or two. I know the feeling of fat! If you are willing…I can help you. go to http://www.agreewithgod.org or http://www.youcantakeyourlifeback.org. You can order hCG at a great price, as well as my book, “Take Your Life Back.”


Change your life and stop your children from being me at age 12. Trust me when I say, “being 12 and fat hurts!”

Easter Dream

Early on Easter morning in 2005 I awoke from a dream. It was 2 am. This wasn’t an ordinary dream. This dream stunned me. I was awake for a while and then oddly enough, fell back to sleep. When morning came, I didn’t remember anything. We got dressed and went to church like always. Still, there was no remembrance of the dream. Again, it was Easter Sunday and the church was packed. We sang, worshiped, shook hands, and hugged then sat down. We were only a few minutes into the service, when the dream began to return in great detail!

 As I post this dream again in 2011, Easter Sunday, I realize we are seeing this dream manifest like never before in history.

 Read it carefully and take is seriously. I pray you are not among those who were deceived.  



In the dream, I drove up to a very large, square, church building. Making a right turn, then a left, I pulled in facing the side of the building and parked. As I got out of the car and was walking towards the front of the church, the ground began to rise up like a dump truck.

I stood in horror watching people slide off into a big black hole. As they fell into the hole, they screamed for help! They seemed to be burning and in agony but their clothes were not burning. Terror was on each face. I put my hands on my head and pulled at my hair, helpless and not knowing what to do, I screamed for God’s help!

“These people go to this church, I thought. Why is this happening to them?” There were men, women and teenagers, but no small children. One man kept trying to climb up on a jagged ledge, but time after time he slipped back into the bubbling, black, water-like substance. I felt so helpless. There wasn’t anything that could be done to help them. At that point, I woke up!

The more I thought about the dream, the more I inquired of the Lord about what it all meant. Remembering the church on that Easter Sunday and how full it was, the thought came to me, “many of those people believed they were saved, and going to heaven!”

 The Lord showed me, some of them had never given their life to Christ. They were being deceived into thinking just because they came to church, sing a song or two, and listen to a pastor, they would be safe from that place called hell! Some thought they were saved because they were good people or had given to the needy.

 Many times in today’s church society, Christ isn’t even mentioned. The saving Blood of Jesus is left out. Hell is just a cuss word, not a place to spend eternity! The message of Christ and Him Crisfield is just not preached in too many churches anymore.

 We can’t just leave it all up to the churches and the preachers. If you’re saved, you are a preacher! When God tells you to speak, do it. You’ll be glad you did! We are all responsible for telling people the truth about Jesus and how to receive Him as Savior. We need to get busy!

 Many sitting in your church today are going to hell. Maybe it’s you! Have you really received Christ as your personal Savior? Don’t put it off. Jesus is coming for you, one way, or the other. Be ready!

There are many Bible scriptures that lead me to believe this was more than a dream. The Bible speaks of

‘A place of torment.’ Most call it hell or lake of fire. You will need to come to your own conclusion. Here is a list of Bible scriptures to look at. (Not a conclusive list)

Luke 16:19-23, 24, 28…. Matthew 7:19, 13:40, 25:41-46…. Matthew 18:8 …. Matthew 23:33, Matthew 8:12…. Mark 16:16…. Matthew 13:42…. Mark 9:44, 46, 48…. Mark 3:29…. Jude 1:6 Hebrews 6:22 ….Peter 2:17.

These are just a few out of many verses on everlasting hell, torment, and damnation. You may be thinking, “None of this could be the truth. The Bible was written by mere men and is full of mistakes!” What if you’re wrong? What if the Bible is the Truth and inspired by God Himself? If that’s the case, you have a lot to lose. If the Bible is wrong, you’ve lost nothing, right?

In John 3:16, the Bible tells us that, “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” It’s really very simple to be saved. Receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. Ask Jesus to come into your life and save you from your sins and eternal damnation. Jesus died for you and me because He loves us. He wants’ us to live with Him for eternity. Hell was made for the devil and his angels, (Matthew 25:41: Revelation 12:9), not for us. If we go to hell, it will be our choice. Our salvation has been paid for but no one will ever be forced to receive this gift from God. It’s up to you where you will spend eternity.

 Think About It! The Choice Is Yours.

 Lois Peres

Minister of The Gospel

Expiration Date;

Dearest Reader,

Time is slipping away quickly. The days and years are passing like fireflies in the night. It’s here and in a flash gone. I look in the mirror and wonder who that is looking back at me. Time brings change. Change is sometimes a little unnerving. We all experience its effects. Many times we welcome something new and different, other times it comes when we least expect it or want it. I gaze at my children playing with their toys, turn around and they have kids of their own. I’m a grandma? What happened to the stuff in the middle? I was twenty, blinked, and now I’m 60. It seems like there’s an expiration date on smooth skin, getting up off the ground with ease, and having your hair stay the same color for more than two weeks. Change is like taxes, it’s inevitable, but not necessarily bad.

There was so much I wanted to do, but life has somehow got in the way. I kept putting things off for other things. Do you remember the old saying, “don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today,” well, it’s true. Don’t make excuses. Make memories. If you have something tugging at your heart strings to do, do it! Do it with help, do it without help. Do with courage, or do it afraid, but do it. What’s the worst that could happen? You could fail. I’m reasonably sure you’ve done that before and guess what; you’re still alive aren’t you? I would rather fail at something knowing I can always try again, than to sit by and not try at all.

What if you succeed and are able to change the lives of multitudes in the process? Would it be worth it? Of course it would. Every one of us came equipped with gifts when we were born. Batteries included! All we need to do is figure out how to plug into the power source. Sometimes we struggle through a lifetime carrying around our batteries thinking God has played a bad joke on us and meant to say, “here’s the batteries, gift not included.” We have both the gifts and the power of the Holy Spirit to charge us up and use us to change the world! The best part is it’s never too late. Your expiration date is the day you drew your last breath. Are ya breathing, then what are you waiting for?

We are called by God to be doers of His Word, not just hearers. If you can’t help yourself right now, help someone else. Remember, what goes around, comes around. There is scripture for that, really! One of the most wonderful things I ever heard is in Ecclesiastes 11:1 “Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days.” What a great promise. If I do something good for someone today, it’s like placing blessings up ahead of me, waiting for me to get to them right when I need them the most. How good is that?

I am in control of my own supply of blessings. Do need something big? Then do something big.” Well,” you might be saying, “I don’t have anything big to give.” What you have to give may seem insignificant to you, but to someone who needs what you can give, it could be life-changing. You just may be the battery that jump starts a miracle.

Get up and get giving. Your expiration date isn’t here yet!

The Great Pretender

The Great Pretender;

Is that you? We’ve all done it; pretend that everything is alright, when inside your heart is breaking apart. You cry out for someone to really hear you, but wait; if they know the truth, will they still love you? Will they still respect you? Will anyone ever trust you again? Will being honest cost you your marriage, family, or ministry? Will your truths only shine the light on their hidden issues and their own silent cry for help? Can anyone really do anything to help you?

One of the first things we need to do to stop the pain is to get real with our own selves. Many of us are so dishonest, or maybe the word should be deceived, our own selves, we wouldn’t know the truth if jumped up and smacked us upside the head.

We sometimes and somehow get the notion we are right all the time. The big ‘D’ (deception) is at work again. I’m not too sure why, but we can’t seem to see ourselves with true vision. And God forbid we actually listen when someone whom we know loves us, tries to tell us. Our response, “Me wrong… you’ve got to be kidding!” The big ‘D’ is still on the job.

We can see plainly all the wrong things in the other guy, although I don’t know how we can see past the 2×4 in our own eye. Sound familiar? Come on, we’ve all been there, right? The devil tries his best to get us to visit there every chance we get.

It is very possible that if we would learn to listen, rather than be so quick to take offence, we might see the truth in what God is showing us. He is very good about shining light on areas where we need to make adjustments, before He makes them for us! God is so kind and patience, unlike many of us who see a shortcoming in others and blow them out of the water so fast their head spins. I guess the spinning head would be because the evil one is involved. He’s always around when critical and judgmental spirits are at work.

How has it become so easy to pretend? We go about our tasks pretending all is well in our little corner of the universe. We will not allow anyone to be privy to ‘the real way things are going’ “It would be wrong to just be honest with someone!” Isn’t that right?
After all, if they knew the truth, they would certainly judge you. That’s just how it is.
They would judge you by their standards, not God’s standards.

Therefore, we pretend all is well. We play the game along will the rest of the world. The game is call, ‘The Great Pretender’. Guess what? God is not playing the game with us. He desires we be full of honesty and integrity. If it hurts, He will heal it. If it is hidden, you and I have to fix it. How’s that working for you?

Stop pretending, get real with God and He will show you the ‘who, why, what, when and where’s’ in life. He is very good at what He does; you have noticed that, right?

The way I see it is we have a choice to make. We can go on through life pretending everything is just fine. “I kick the dog, scream at my kids, rant, and rave at my spouse because I am so darn happy with things! “Praise God, there’s nothing wrong with me, if they could only see that!”

On the other hand, we could make the choice to open the eyes of our heart and relent to what we most likely will see. It’s called the truth. It seems to me I heard somewhere, that the knowledge of the truth will set you free!

Stay On God’s Side
Lois Peres

 Are you self-destructing?  STOP IT! Jesus died so you and I could have the mind of Christ.  He died for our peace, our health, and our prosperity. He died so that no weapon formed against us could prosper! He gave us authority and permission to stop every weapon of the devil with His words coming from our mouth. Read this scripture, really read it. It will help you BIG TIME!

 Isaiah 54:17

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which raises against you in judgment you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the Lord.

Friend, this is God’s Word to you.  Notice in the verse above, God says for you to take authority and condemn the evil things that come against you or your family.  Notice, He did not tell us that He would do it for us or that we should run and get someone else to condemn the evil things. No, God tells us to condemn it. If you have received Christ as your Savior, you have been given the right to speak God’s Words and expect things to change. In order to speak God’s words, you need to know God’s Words. We all need to understand that God loves us the same as He loves Jesus and the He gave us the authority as Jesus has.

Satan has kept many Christian in the dark about their right as a child of God.  We have weapons, we have an arsenal to use against Satan and his demons, but what good are they if we don’t use them?

You don’t have to be depressed, angry, hurt, poor, or sick. You don’t have to be right all the time. You don’t have to struggle to make a way for yourself. You don’t have to hurt others because you are hurting. Get to know God and His Word. Sharpen your weapons! Stand up for your right as a child of the King. Don’t be deceived anymore!

If you haven’t made Jesus the Lord of your life, do it right now. Don’t wait.

Say this pray and mean it with all your heart, and you will be saved!

Lord Jesus,

I ask you to come into my heart and be

my Savior. I am sorry for the life that I have led.

I choose to turn around and go Your way.

I renounce the old life style and look forward to a new life in You. I believe in my heart and

confess with my mouth, Jesus Christ as my

Lord and Savior. AMEN


hCG protocol is an amazing weight loss program. Find out more information about it om my web-site at www.agreewithgod.org You wont be sorry. See before and after pictures. This is a natural, safe and inexpensive way to lose the extra weight.


I attended a funeral yesterday. How devastating it must be for a parent to bury a child. I say child because no matter how old your kids are, they will always be your child. As we walked onto the grounds of the cemetery, I noticed how crowded it was. It was not just the ones offering last respects to the family at hand. Perhaps, maybe I had just never given thought to how frequent death occurs. My mind wondered as I watched family members and friends embrace and shed tears over their horrendous loss. Others were amazingly unresponsive to the heartache of the immediate family. I supposed that no one could or would let themselves get near the magnitude of intense pain that was present. Many of the idle conversations were, I’m sure a ploy to divert minds and hearts away from the main topic, death and it’s sting.

I thought of how many must be thinking of one’s own mortality and eventual death. As the service began and the attendees gathered close to hear the comments of the minister, again my eyes gazed into the crowd. As the minister so eloquently and with tenderness spoke of life after death and eternity spent in the arms of the Lord, I wanted so badly for someone, anyone to hear his words with their heart.

Now it’s tomorrow and life goes on. For some it will require time to heal. Most will have forgotten the yesterdays of others. UNTIL…!

Lois Peres


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